Learn how AccuChem TKS Fluids can help you!


Express Chemical is proud to present our great line of TKS Fluid and paint strippers.

Who We Are

AccuChem TKS Fluid is produced by Express Chem in St. Louis, Missouri. Our TKS Fluid is filtered down to 1 micron before and after blending to ensure the highest quality product. AccuChem TKS Fluid works to stop the build up of ice while in flight on the Cirrus SR-22, Cessna 210, Hawker Beechcraft and an array of other aircraft. In addition, AccuChem also offers Aircraft Paint Removers, Cleaners and a full line of solvents. Express Chem’s central location allows us to expedite shipping to most of the continental United States in two days or less, allowing you to spend less time waiting for TKS Fluid, and more time in the air.

What We Do

TKS Fluid 406b Aircraft Deicer by AccuChem is recognized as an industry leader in aircraft deicer fluid. AccuChem also carries the strongest line of aircraft paint removers and the most commonly used solvents in the Aircraft Industry.