What is the shelf life of TKS Fluid?

The shelf life on TKS Fluid is about 2 years after the date it was manufactured.

How do I know when it was manufactured?

Upon request we can provide a C of A which will give you the date it was manufactured. We rarely have any TKS fluid that is over a few weeks old before it is sold.

What are the required pH levels in TKS in order for it to be considered good to use?

Per regulation, the pH value of the material shall not be less than 6.0 not greater than 7.5. All of our C of A’s will list the initial pH levels at the time of manufacturing.

Is AccuChem’s TKS the 406b version?

Yes, all of our TKS is 406b

Can you ship TKS to residential addresses?

Unfortunately at this time we can no longer ship to residential addresses. We can however ship to any commercial, FBO, or airport hangar address.